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As you shop for a home, rate the following features about each home and
surrounding neighborhood as good, fair or not important:

1. General Room Layout
2. Number of Bathrooms
3. Closets and storage space
4. Yard Size
5. Size of rooms - Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room, Master
Bedroom, Other Bedrooms

What is your overall rating of the home? Is it worth considering or
eliminating from your list of prospective homes? Make a rough diagram of any
home you might seriously consider. Nothing fancy...just a basic summary of
the floor plan with window and door openings so you can imagine how your
furniture might fit. Also note telephone jacks.

How Does The Neighborhood Rate?
Answer The Following Questions With Yes, No Or Unimportant.

Neighborhood Quality
1. Are the homes well taken care of?
2. Are there good public services (i.e., police, fire department)?
3. Are there paved roads?
4. Are there sidewalks?
5. Is there adequate street lighting?
6. Is there adequate parking?
7. Any pet or other neighborhood restrictions?
8. Are the public schools good?

Neighborhood Convenience
1. Will you be near your work?
2. Convenient to place of worship?
3. Are shopping centers and restaurants nearby?
4. Is there public transportation available?
5. Will you be near child care services?
6. Are hospitals, clinics, or doctors close by?
7. Is there a park or playground nearby?
8. Is there an association offering pool and/or tennis courts?

1. Will you be near friends or relatives?
2. Will you be near other children of your children's age(s)?
3. Is there an active community group?

Neighborhood Problems
1. Decreasing sales prices of homes?
2. Lots of families moving away?
3. Heavy traffic or noise?
4. Litter or pollution?
5. Factories or heavy industry?
6. Businesses closing down?
7. Vacant houses or buildings?
8. Increasing crime or vandalism?

What Is Your Overall Rating Of The Neighborhood? Good, Fair Or Poor?

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