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Selling your home or Condo - Free Comparative Market Analysis

There are many factors that affect how quickly your home will sell and how to
set its value. Let's look at a few of the more important aspects of selling a

What's the Condition of the Property? The better the home is presented the
more successful the selling process will be. For instance, if the house needs
a new roof or is peeling paint, taking care of these problems before you list
your home for sale should speed along the eventual sale.

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Price Many times a home that is overpriced will sit on the market for many
months while similar homes are being sold. The best way to price your home
is by doing a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA). Your agent will provide this
for you.

Financing If financing rates are too high or if the seller requires a larger down
payment than is customary for the area, then the financing may delay the sale.
A skilled agent will be able to help a seller in this often confusing process.

Market Conditions Timing also is a factor that affects the sale of your home. It
may be a sellers' market or a buyers' market. No one can change market
conditions at the time the property is for sale. An experienced agent knows the
market environment and will advise you on the best strategy to sell the home
based on current conditions.

Competition Every buyer makes his or her decision about which home to buy
and how much it is worth by comparing it to similar property that's for sale in
the area. The current competition always affects the buyer's opinion of your
home and what it's worth. So, the question is, what other choices does a
buyer have and how does your home compare to others that are for sale?

Promotion Promotion is the ability to bring buyers to your property. This
includes traditional marketing methods such as advertising. One of the strengths of
is that our agents are constantly in touch with people who want to buy property.

It is important to note that even the very best promotion has its limitations,
because promotion cannot overcome the first five factors if they are out of

So, as you try to sell your home, it's important to first determine if...
The home is presented well...

The price is set right...

The financing is handled correctly...

The market is buyer or seller driven...

Your property compares favorably to others that are available.

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Interested in finding the value of your home? Free on-line, no-obligation comparative market analysis…click here

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